AI Engineer (5027)

Pomerode, Curitiba ou Florianópolis
We are seeking an AI Engineer with focus on NLP Applications to work on innovation projects involving the development of software prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs).

O que você irá fazer
Independently develop software for innovation projects, including prototypes and MVPs
Prepare and process data for training ML/AI models
Responsibilty for the NLP part of the software and Opportunity to bring in your inputs and ideas for a brand new product 
Assess feasibility and implementation effort for MVPs and software features
Prepare and explain technical findings and intermediate results to the project team and business departments
Work on the current project, which involves the usage of generative AIs and LLMs like ChatGPT in Python

Degree in computer science, computational linguistics or a similar field
Agile software development and version control (git), test-driven development (e.g. Pytest)
Experience working with databases, semi-structured data and unstructured data 
Experience with NLP, data engineering, text processing with nltk, SpaCy or similar NLP frameworks
Expirience with frameworks for development of applications with language models (langchain)
Advanced english